Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a week or two . . . I lost count

I know I am not so great at this blogging thing. 
Thursday June 12th, Savannah had a Dr appointment today. She is 25 LB 2 feet 9 in and her head is 19 in (it keeps getting bigger). Before the Exam her Dr asked me a few questions, one of was, "how is her vocabulary, does she know at least 20 words." I had to stop for a minute and think. My response was, "Yes she knows about 100 or so."  This girl can TALK!!! She repeats everything I say. It is crazy how much she picks up on. Next time you see her ask her to say her ABC. . . because she can. Ya all of them. she is not even two yet. Sorry that is just me bragging!  One really funny game that her daddy likes to play with her is to ask her really hard questions about what color something is . . EX: What color did the union solders wear in the civil war? Savannah hears "what color"  waits for Scott to stop talking  and answers Blue.  He then follows up with "what color is behind the stars on the flag. . . And you get the idea. She always answers blue. So scott only asks questions where blue is the answer. It really gets people at first but by the third question they figure it out. 

Moving on My walking and exercise is going great! I have not lost anything to write about yet but I am feeling so much better that it makes me want to do more. I have high hopes. My friend that I walk with suggested that we make a half way goal, I really like that idea and I need to come up with something.?? Who knows?? 

In other news, don't be alarmed but we were robbed today while we were at church.  We did not notice it until scott was putting out the trash cans for trash day tomorrow. Our recycling bucket is missing, the lock on the truck is broken and some tools are missing. What is this world coming too?? It is just crazy!!! We met a very nice police man that very impressed with the house and has seen us working on it over time.  He took a report and that is that. 

Friday, June 13, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Photo was taken by Auntie Puff. Savannah just loves to smell flowers
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Weight Challenge

I know that I will never be as thin as i was the day i got married but, hey there is hope. I was talking to Scott the other day and I told him, "I need an incentive to lose weight!" He asked me what I wanted. I told him if i lose as much as I want to I will need money to buy new clothes. He was quite for a while then asked me how much I wanted to lose. I responded with Somewhere between 30-40 LB. Again with the silent treatment. Then he responded, "I will pay you $30.00 for every pound you lose between now and your birthday (Jan 25th 2009)". YOUR ON!!! I have excepted this challenge with hope that I will be buying myself a new wardrobe for my birthday! I have a friend who came up to me the next day and asked me if I wanted to start walking on my days off. I jumped with joy and have walked 3 days this week. She is a great walking companion to have. She asked me the second day we walked if i was ready for some hills. I kindly reminded her I have not exercised since before i was pregnant with Savannah. Her response was . . "don't worry it will only hurt a little, you will get over it!" She really pushes me and that is what i need. I will keep you updated on my progress but, my fear is unless i cut off my breasts and a leg this weight will never go away!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I HATE Sundays!

I know the title is a bit harsh but, I dread Sundays.  Savannah is a great sleeper and I am proud of that. I have her on a Schedule. The problem is Church interferes with that. We are the lucky ones that have Church from 1:00-4:00. YUCK!!! So we have a backwards schedule, sacrament is last. She is in Nursery now and that is GREAT!! That is if we make it to nursery. More often than not she is sleeping and we will just go to church late. I'm sorry but sleep is important to my daughter. I just don't like to looks and the comments when we come late.  Oh well life goes on. We are already in june and that means just 7 more months then we can have the 9:00 time back. I never thought that I would be happy with 9:00 church. Man, having a baby does change EVERYTHING!!!!