Thursday, March 12, 2009


I warned everyone when I started this that I am really bad at updating my blog and I don't have much to say!
So since the last up date (january 8th) lets see what has happened. I turned 30 on January 25th. My wonderful husband Scott planned a surprise party for me. It was fun for everyone to get together.
Savannah is growing by leaps and bounds. She knows so much more than I think a 2 year old should know. Here is my most updated picture.

She really keeps us on our toes. Savannah and I were at a craft store yesterday, a woman that works there was putting something on a low shelf and had a hard time getting back up. The woman said "OMG" and savannah being the fearless two year old looked at the woman (with pointed finger out and other had on hip) and said "we say oh my goodness not oh my God, you need a time out!" I explained to the woman that we don't use the lords name in vain in our home. She apologized to savannah and said she will try to say oh my goodness instead. I informed savannah that she needed to thank the lady for saying sorry. Savannah said "thank you for saying sorry." And we turned to keep looking for our buttons.
The reason for shopping at the craft store was to buy a few more bow making supplies. For those of you who I haven't told yet, I am going public and selling my bows.
There is a store in Castro Valley called "Village Crafters". It is in the village shopping center behind Ross. You rent space in there and they sell your product for you! I am really excited about getting my bows out there for sale. I took some photos today of a few bows to give you an idea what they will look like.

I can't take all the credit. my sister Stefanie has been helping me out and is making bows to sell as well.
I have been so busy during Savannah's naps making bows. I really have a hard time doing any computer work or bow stuff while she is awake. She is quite the helper. She got a great idea the other day that she needed to clean Auntie Tami's Shower. (my co-worker spends the night once a week at my house so the office is auntie Tami's bedroom and the hall bathroom is auntie Tami's bathroom) Here is Savannah cleaning auntie Tami's shower.

She is just so much fun! Anyways I think that all the news I have for now. We are just moving along and living life.