Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More pictures from Utah. . .

Paul and Angie on their Sealing day! 

Savannah with Uncle Paul and Auntie Angie

My favorite picture, a reflection of the SLC temple.

Savannah Running
My Beautiful Daughter! 

Another Month has slipped by...

Is that my daughter or what???

Well a lot has been going on. Let's See if I can catch you up. I am still working out almost every day (except Sundays). But still no weight loss per say. I have lost some inches but my scale says the same number. 
Savannah is half potty trained she is really starting to understand the concept I have her in pull ups that have princesses on them and she tells me "pee pee on the potty not the princesses." She is really starting to understand to much. Scott and I are already starting to spell things around her. The other day Scott wanted to put on Nemo for her to watch. I said no more N E M O and then Savannah piped in and said N E M O. It is just crazy how smart she is.  
Speaking of nemo Savannah has her Halloween costume and it is Nemo. I figured this might be the last year I pick for her. Next year she might want to pick one herself. I know she is going to be into the Disney princesses before you know it. 
Scott is doing great!!! He has a  new job. Not a steady job yet, he is out on his own again. The flooring business was just not working for him. The business was sold to another owner and Scott decided to go in another direction. He is remodeling bathrooms for friends and also doing handy man type stuff for a restaurant here in the bay area. He has applied for a stationary engineer job and passed the test. He is ranked #13 out of 1,300 people. So as soon as they have a job open for him he will be ready to accept that.  Even though he is not sure when and where his next paycheck is coming the stress of the previous job is no longer going to give him a heart attack at 35. I don't know if I have ever seen him as happy as he is now. 
We just returned home from a weekend in Utah. Scott's brother Paul was sealed to his wife Angie on Saturday September 27th 2008. It was an amazing weekend. We could not be happier for Paul and Angie. We love you both!!! 
Savannah had fun on the Airplane. She was so excited until the plane got too high and felt the need to inform the flight attendant that the plan was too high.  I tried to explain to her that we have to be really high, that's where the planes fly is really high. 
While in Utah I was able to attend The RS Broadcast at the conference center.  First of all I called to 1800 number to get tickets because my sister in law (because she lives in Utah) was unable to get tickets. They sent a parking pass with the tickets. My sister in law thinks I a so Awesome. The parking pass allowed us to park across the street form the conference center. The tickets were on the floor. She said she has never gotten such great seats EVER. She was quite impressed. I think I was more impressed with the hush that fell over the crowd when our prophet walked in the room. We all stood up and there was not a sound in the room. I could not believe how quite it got. What a Spiritual experience to be in the same room as the Prophet of the church. I was over come with the spirit. What a great conference. 
Scott Had Savannah while I was at the conference and was able to spend time with his Brothers. What a great bond they have with each other. 

Well I think that takes care of all that is new. I have some new pictures of Savannah. Since her birthday is coming up next week I am trying to put together an announcement with her photos. She is so funny if you ask her when her birthday she will say "October Eleven". And if you ask her how old she is, she will say  "TWO!!!"
I just can't believe how fast the last two years have gone by. Scott has also taught her what 3.14  is.  We ask her "Savannah What is 3.14??" She is answer with "Pie!!!"