Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Savannah's graduation!! (June 12,2013)

Some pictures from Savannah's Kindergarten graduation. She had an amazing teacher this year. She had a wonderful year. I can't believe she is a first grader, Well she will be after tomorrow!! One more movie day at school!! 

 Room 6

 Savannah and Mr. Silzle
 Charlotte and Savannah
 Jacob, Savannah, and Charlotte

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free Doughnut!!

Tomorrow June 7th is free doughnut day at Krispy Kreme! 
Here are pictures from november when we went to Krispy Kreme!! WE love Doughnuts!! 


We had so much fun this halloween!! Savannah was Merida from the movie Brave. I think she nailed the costume!! Grandma Wendy made the dress for us. WE could not find anything we loved in the store! We love that Grandma can sew amazing costumes.

Scarlett was a Lady Bug. This costume was savannah's when she was one year old. Thankfully Scarlett is a little bit smaller than Savannah was. She is 18 months old in this picture. 


My Sister Sondra and I got together and made this canvas to hang up at my parents house. My moms birthday is October 29th. She loves halloween decorations. You may notice that there is space on the right hand side. My sister was due on october 29th. She did not come until November 1st. I haven't gotten a new picture of one with baby avery's foot on it. 
The idea came from Pinterest, WE just made it our own. So happy with the way it turned out!! 

October 11, 2012

 Savannah turned 6!!! WoW where has the time gone?? Savannah is an amazing little girl. I can't believe she is in kindergarden and is 6 years old. She amazes me every day!! She is a great big sister. We had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday. It lasted for days!! So the pictures are from each of the different activities that we did for her birthday!!
She wore her crown to school! 

Scarlett picked out the cinderella and prince charming. 

The Legos are from her cousins Eli and Robin

The next day she opened up a few more gifts. Too many to mention all of them. 

We went to the ice creamery and she had more presents!! 

On saturday evening we got together with some more family and had our last get together at the house on Almond. Our new house was not unpacked enough to have visitors yet!! 

All and all I think she had a wonderful birthday!! Savannah we love you to the Moon and back!! Can you please stop growing up so fast!!!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Bought a House!!

 Some time at the end of august, beginning of september we got this key to our house!! Many of you know were had been house sitting for a couple in Castro Valley while they served a mission. It was a one year mission (april 2011-April 2012). I know i said a prayer every night in hopes that they would extend their mission to 18 months!! Prayers were answered and with the extra time we had we were able to find this house!! It is a good house with good bones and not a lot of major renovations needing to be done. We are not on a busy street So it is great for the girls to run on the grass. We are slowly but surely  putting our stamp on this house and making it our home. IT will take a while but I am happy with the results so far!! Im sure there will be many more posts in the future about all of our fun projects!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Good bye Box Van!!

I think Savannah was the only person sad to see the truck being sold!! IT did happen two weeks too early. WE had just bought our house and had not moved in yet.
I don't miss the insurance payment or the 7 miles to the gallon in gas that it got! 
It served its purpose and I am happy we were able to sell it for a good amount!! 

Shuttle fly over!!

I don't remember what day this was. I know we were in the process of moving at the time and scott was off work that day. He was so excited he went up to the oakland temple and took these amazing pictures. What a historic event! My dad actually worked on parts of this space shuttle!

August 27th 2012! Savannah's first day of kindergarden!!

There is only 8 more day of school so I think I should get these pictures up before she graduates from kindergarden! She was so excited about going to school and meeting new friends. He best friend is Charlotte. We met her and he parents at the kindergarden playdate the weekend before school started. Savannah's teachers name is Mr. Silzle. He has been a great teacher for her this year. I was a little apprehensive about a male teacher at first, but that quickly went away when i saw how amazing she was doing with her reading. She has really done great! It is had to believe it is almost over. 

I got the idea from Pinterest to have her write her name 
 and ask her what she wants to be when she grows up.  
That way we can look back and see how her handwriting
 has improved and if she changes her mind about a career. 

Loosing teeth!

The two bottom teeth, savannah lost in August 2012. 
The first one came out at  church right before sacrament program. 

The second one came out on our way home from my nephews baptism in late August. I am glad they both came out before school started. She has been waiting so long to loose teeth. 

The tooth fairy brought gold dollars covered in glitter. 
Savannah was so happy with the fact they were gold.

Her Third tooth came out May 27th 2013. WE were at gilroy gardens. 
The tooth was so loose she was afraid she was going to loose it on one of the rides. SO while we were waiting for one of the rides to start she pulled it right out!! 
She was so happy, because now she has a place to put her straw when she drinks. 
This time the tooth fairy ran out of gold dollars, So savannah got 4 glittered quarters and some tic-tac's. 
In other dental news Savannah's 6 year molars are coming in. Scarlett is getting her lower molars.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


IT has been over a year since my last blog. I don't remember everything that has happened in that year but I will try and hit the high points! This post is just going to be the summer.
Savannah graduated from preschool! Ms. Karen is an amazing preschool teacher and I was sad to leave her. I sure hope she is around when Scarlett goes to preschool!!

These next picture were taken in front of our neighbors house. They have some amazing plants and flowers. The girls were not in the mood for pictures that day! 

These picture were from a friends birthday party. It was at a gymnastic place. The girls had so much fun!! They both slept so great that night!! 
I love how Scarlett looks like she is totally rocking out!! She is so fun! 
This is waiting for the air plane to utah! WE went out to utah for the baby blessing of my niece Paisley. It was an adventurous trip! I am so glad we had enough points to fly!! I lost count of how many times savannah asked "are we there yet??" 
Scarlett was so excited to sit next to her cousin Paisley, She kept saying, "baby, I love baby!" 

After our quick trip to utah we went to disneyland for a few days!! SO much fun!! Savannah had a blast getting all the autographs she could, while Scarlett was unsure about some of the costumes! 

 This picture made me take a serious look into the future!! Can you imagine Savannah driving Scarlett to the Mall?? Ya thats where savannah said she is going! I don't even want to think about her driving!

Funny story about the cat face. Daddy took Savannah on the Matterhorn bobsleds. They changed the cars on those and you can no longer sit in your parents lap. Savannah cried so hard she was so scared. Scott got her to stop crying by promising her she could get her face painted! 
She was so happy the rest of the day!! 

 Here is Savannah Driving again!! Ya Scary!!

All in all it was a great trip! We will have to go back soon!! 

In July Scott and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Because of the recent trip to disneyland, we kept it very low key. My mom watched the girls and we had dinner alone at a quite restaurant! 
 Well that takes us to july!! August got even more busy with savannah starting school and us buying a house so I will have some more pictures soon!!