Monday, July 7, 2008

Bows for Sale!!!

So in making bows for Savannah I have a lot of supplies and ribon. I have made a bunch of extras and have been selling them. I just wanted to get it out there if anyone who reads my blog wants to buy hair bows for much cheeper than they are in the stores. I have them for sale!

the weeks just keep flying!

I know I am not the best at keeping this updated but here is the last few weeks all wrapped up into one blog. 

It turned out that we had about $2,500.00 or so stolen from Scott's truck. Every time he is looking for a tool or working on a project it seams he finds something else missing. 

On July 1st we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been 8 years. Two maybe but not eight. We got a sitter for Savannah (thank you Gretchen) and we went to dinner. If you ever get a chance and want to have a fun dinning experience you have to try Simply Fondue. It was so great! It is located in livermore, what a neat place. My friend Shauna told me about it. Not a kid friendly place but a great adult evening.  

The house is coming along, I was hoping to get some final painting done this week but Scott worked on the outside this weekend and not the base board and trim. Someday I will not live in a construction house. (I HOPE!!!) 

My walking is going great. I still have not lost any weight per-say but my clothes are fitting a little differently. If anyone has words of advice for helping the weight loss process or other exercise's that I should be doing please let me know. 

Other than that we are all happy and healthy. What more can you ask for?