Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Blessing of Ella Pearl

Today I am grateful for a lot of things. Most of all for what Ella Pearl has taught me in the last 4 months. What an amazing child and what an amazing family! I am so grateful for the friendship that I have with this family and for what they have taught me. I am sad to see this family loose Ella for this time on earth but knowing that they will all be together again someday makes me smile on this sad day! Love you Atwood family!! God be with you till we meet again.

My baby is not a BABY!!!!

WELL . . . we made it thorough christmas and new years and my birthday now the year can start. I decided to post a picture of savannah's last day in Nursery. She is now old enough for primary!! Apparently I am as well. They have also called me as the sunbeam teacher. I am not savannah's teacher they have split the large class into two nice size classes. WE are surviving barely, church is at 1:00 in the afternoon I don't know why but it is?
Moving on Scott is doing very well at his job! He loves it. Medical and dental benefits started in december and we are so happy to not have to pay out of pocket anymore!!
Other than that we work and work and work some more!! Life is just plugging along and we are enjoying the ride. I am trying to get all my pictures organized on my new computer and as soon as I do I promise more posts. Don't worry we are still here and still alive!