Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is Scott. Shaleah has decided I should type stuff because she feels that I think of more entertaining things to write about. Of course she may want to edit my more creative writings. I am noticing that I may want to type in word and paste to this html editor since there is no spell check. And now... the rest of the story...

So... apparently I spelled everything in the last paragraph correctly because there is spell check on this. Nice. Savannah is turning 3 next month. Shaleah and Stefanie took Savannah to the park to do a photo shoot to send invites to the family for a party. As you can see she is getting bigger. When we took her to Disneyland and Legoland around mother's day she was almost 34 inches tall. By the end of summer she is well over 38 inches tall. If you ask Savannah about her size she will let you know "mommy wants me to stay small for her"

Speaking of speaking she talks non stop at home. When she is in public she is all or nothing. Shaleah took her to a hair appointment the other day and a little old lady was asking about her name, age, etc and Savannah informed her "I can talk" and proceeded to answer her questions. Savannah loves to jump, bounce and run any chance she gets. She also is big into "helping you." She can be with mommy, daddy, or grandma, etc. and needs to be involved in every step of every task you undertake. I hope she always wants to sweep and clean. She has the energy and personality of several kids packed into one. Maybe that's why she's an only child.

Shaleah is still a bow making machine in her free time. she may be adding some pictures of them soon. She needs the computer so, I'll be back later.