Monday, June 3, 2013

Loosing teeth!

The two bottom teeth, savannah lost in August 2012. 
The first one came out at  church right before sacrament program. 

The second one came out on our way home from my nephews baptism in late August. I am glad they both came out before school started. She has been waiting so long to loose teeth. 

The tooth fairy brought gold dollars covered in glitter. 
Savannah was so happy with the fact they were gold.

Her Third tooth came out May 27th 2013. WE were at gilroy gardens. 
The tooth was so loose she was afraid she was going to loose it on one of the rides. SO while we were waiting for one of the rides to start she pulled it right out!! 
She was so happy, because now she has a place to put her straw when she drinks. 
This time the tooth fairy ran out of gold dollars, So savannah got 4 glittered quarters and some tic-tac's. 
In other dental news Savannah's 6 year molars are coming in. Scarlett is getting her lower molars.

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Grammie Star Wars said...

Savannah really holds on to her teeth ;.)

I love the straw idea ;.)